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Official Site for Kris and the Riverbend Dutchmen's newest Album:

"Grab A Little Sunshine"


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15 Great Songs!

  1. Schroeder Polka

  2. One Eyed Jack

  3. In The Mood

  4. Village Tavern

  5. Rehbraune Augen Hat Mein Schatz

  6. Potter's Polka

  7. Saint Paul Polka

  8. Schnooky's Waltz

  9. Driftwood

  10. At The Mill

  11. Cherry Picker's Polka

  12. Grab A Little Sunshine

  13. Aber Dich Gibt's Nur Einmal Für Mich

  14. Pepper Pot Polka

  15. Red Head Polka

Grab A Little Sunshine!

Kris and the Riverbend Dutchmen announce the release of their fifth music CD entitled “Grab A Little Sunshine”.    The album has 15 songs including new arrangements and traditional Dutchmen style selections made famous by popular dance bands from the 1950’s and 60’s.  The album was professionally recorded, mixed, engineered and mastered by Barefoot Music Studios and Publishing, LLC of Madison Lake, Minnesota.   The album also features several “guest performers” including “Barefoot” Becky Livermore, James Strehlke of Alpensterne, Billy Noble and several others.  The album was produced entirely by Bandleader Kris Keltgen.  The album includes the “Schroeder Polka”, an original tune written by band member Jens Jensen, and numerous songs arranged by the band’s musical director, Myron Muehlbauer, a native of New Ulm, Minnesota.  In addition to several up-tempo polkas and waltzes, the album includes the crowd favorite “In The Mood” made famous by the Glenn Miller Orchestra in 1939 as well as “Schnooky’s Waltz” written by the award winning Danny Jerabek.    

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