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Grab a Little Sunshine Album

Grab a Little Sunshine Album


"Grab a Little Sunshine" is the Riverbend Dutchmen's most recent album - released in March of 2023.    A high quality studio produced album, this CD features 15 of your favorite songs, including:


1. Schroeder Polka

2. One Eyed Jack

3. In The Mood

4. Village Tavern Polka

5. Rheabraune Augen

6. Potter's Polka

7. Saint Paul Polka

8. Schnooky's Waltz

9. Driftwood

10. At The Mill Polka

11. Cherry Picker's Polka

12. Grab a Little Sunshine (title track)

13. Aber Dich

14. Pepper Pot Polka

15. Red Head Polka


You definitely want this album in your collection!  Order today.

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