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Smile Album

Smile Album

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Released in 2012, Smile is the band's first album.  The Smile album includes 19 popular polka's, waltzes, and country tunes, with nearly one hour of music.  The Smile album includes two concertina duets featuring Kris Keltgen and famous concertina artist Karl Hartwich of Trempealeau, Wisconsin.  Also included in the Smile album is the first ever public release of the "Jeffers Polka", written by Kris Keltgen in 2010.  The Smile album was recorded by Flying Dutchman Recordings of Trempealeau, Wisconsin, and mastered by JBM Sound of New Prague, Minnesota.  The Smile album was produced by Kris Keltgen.
  • Details

    Songs Include:

    Rain Rain Polka
    Gold Dust Polka
    Clarinet Laendler # 1
    Crystal Chandelier
    Sharpshooters March
    Cuckoo Waltz
    Concertina Holiday Polka
    Lakeside Waltz
    Das Kufstien Lied
    Pepper Pot Polka
    Schnee Waltzer
    Crazy Arms
    Red Wing Polka
    Blue Skirt Waltz
    Three Yanks Polka
    Apples Peaches Pumpkin Pie
    Circling Pigeons Laendler
    Jeffers Polka - Kris Keltgen Original Tune
    Make the World Go Away
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