Enjoy Yourself Package Deal

Enjoy Yourself Package includes The Riverbend Dutchmen's newest album "Enjoy Yourself" and a high quality "Enjoy Yourself T-Shirt".

Enjoy Yourself!   It has been called the most innovative Dutchmen style recording released in the last 25 years!   Featuring new - never before heard original arrangements of some of the band's favorite tunes, including modern contemporary and jazz influences that make this one of the most entertaining and exciting albums available.  You won't be able to quit listening!  In addition to great instrumentation and arrangements, you will be blown away by the stunning vocal harmonies on the album.  Included on the album is the title track "Enjoy Yourself".   A fun and innovative jazz duet featuring Kris Keltgen and Mollie Busta  - hostess of RFD TV's Mollie B Polka Party.
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